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Flowing with Art

The San Pedro Creek Culture Park invites the people of San Antonio to reconnect with a place of great historical and cultural significance.

Public art, cultural programming, and artistic design features presented in the park express what is authentic about San Antonio’s culture today and explores the historical significance of the creek through a contemporary art lens. This unique site provides an opportunity for artists to explore a wide variety of project types, distinguishing it from other cultural amenities in the city.

The art program includes permanent or integrated works of art, temporary installations and performances, educational workshops, and special events. In addition, the San Antonio River Authority, who manages the art program, partners with local organizations to expand programming opportunities and provides the community with a dynamic venue for events.

Key Features

Tile Murals
Locations for Poetry and Historical Text
Bridges with Ceramic Artwork

Public Art

Bridges of Understanding
Diana Kersey

Medium: Glazed ceramic
Dimensions: Various
Locations: Street level at Santa Rosa Avenue, Martin Street, and Travis Street bridges

De Todos Caminos Somos Todos Uno (From All Roads, We Are All One)
Adriana M. Garcia

Medium: Digital image transfer on ceramic tile
Dimensions: 11’H x 117’W
Locations: Between Santa Rosa Avenue and Martin Street

Red Arch, Green Arch
Katie Pell

Medium: Digital image transfer on ceramic tile
Dimensions: (A) 1’-6”—5’ x 50’ (B) 2’-6”—7’x 67’-11”
Locations: Between Martin Street and Travis Street

Creek Lines
Bridge Projects

Medium:Stainless steel and aluminum sculpture
Dimensions: 24′ W X 26′ L X 22′ H
Locations: Plaza de Fundación

La Gloriosa Historia de San Pedro Creek On My Mind
Kathy and Lionel Sosa

Medium: Digital image transfer on ceramic tile
Dimensions: 2000 sq ft
Locations: Between Commerce and Dolorosa St.

Plaza de Fundación
Michael Menchaca

Medium: Cement tile
Dimensions: 8″ x 8″
Locations: Various locations throughout San Pedro Creek Culture Park

Pláticas with the Creek
Eduardo Vega

Medium: Etched Limestone
Dimensions: Various
Locations: Various around the Creek

A Place of Origins 
Rikkianne Van Kirk

Medium:Sewn Tensile Fabric
Dimensions: Various
Locations: Mustard Seed Plaza

The Spirit of San Pedro Creek
Elizabeth Carrington

Medium:Galvanized and Painted 1/4″ Stainless Steel
Dimensions: 4 panels at 7′-11″W x 7′-11″H
4 panels at 4′-5″W x  7′-11″H
Locations: Spread between El Paso St & Guadalupe St

San Antonio Flowers
Leticia Huerta

Medium:Porcelain glazed tiles fill lining of concrete benches
Dimensions: 8″ X 8″
Locations:Various Locations

Adam Frank

Medium: Interactive sculpture
Dimensions: 250′ waterfall
Locations: Between Houston and Commerce

Diana Kersey

Medium: Glazed ceramic
Dimensions: 4′ X 4′ X 3′
Locations: El Paso Street Parking Lot (723 S Flores St)

Artistic Design Features

Formed from pierced stainless steel panels, transforms the utilitarian San Pedro Creek flood control tunnel inlet into a dynamic artistic installation. Water cascades over the perforated panels that are backlit at night, forming the pattern of the night sky as it appeared to the founders on May 5, 1718. This historical appearance of the cosmos was documented for the San Pedro Creek Culture Park by the staff of San Antonio College’s Scobee Planetarium.

San Pedro Creek Culture Park

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