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San Antonio park

#1 San Pedro Creek and the Saga of a City

Thousands of years before Europeans arrived, this humble creek was home to the natives of this promising land.

San Antonio park

#2 A Chronicle of Floods and Their Legacy of Calamities

The flood of 1819 was enormously powerful. Suddenly to those who lived and worked near the creek, it was no longer just a source of life and sustenance, but a force to be reckoned with.

San Antonio park

#3 San Pedro Creek: A Crossroads of Cultures

Imagine this very creek abuzz with waterfront businesses, markets, homes, and communities. Here, people from all over the world lived together.

San Antonio park

#4 Birth of a Community

In 1691, a group of Spanish explorers stumbled upon the rich vegetation and wildlife of the creek and made camp for the night. They gave the river the name San Antonio, after the beloved saint.

San Antonio park

#5 Plaza de Fundación

As the settlers laid down after an arduous day of traveling, exploring, and fighting for their survival, they likely stared up at the night sky.

San Antonio park

Creek Lines

Creek Lines, sited in San Pedro Creek Culture Park’s Plaza de Fundación, celebrates the path of the Creek.

San Antonio park

#6 The Taming of San Pedro Creek

Once untouched, the San Pedro Creek was an abundant and lush landscape, ripe with its natural flora and fauna.

San Antonio park

#7 The Living Worlds of San Pedro Creek

After explorers and settlers began to discover the creek and take note of their observations, a theme arose: the lush abundance of the creek.

San Antonio park

#8 From Many Roads We Are One

The mural takes you through time as your eyes move towards the center, culminating in the modern-day creek, where the water springs and children swim in harmony.

San Antonio park

#9 Bridges of Understanding

With three different pieces of art, the artist reflects the historical nature of the street names to which the art belongs.

San Antonio park

#10 Historical Features Along San Pedro Creek

A puzzling structure is discovered during excavation of the creek channel.

San Antonio park

#11 Early Industry Along San Pedro Creek

In the 1800s, the locals began to see the potential of the historic waters as a hub for business. Entrepreneurial spirits grasped their opportunity to have a piece of the pie.

San Antonio park

#12 Red Arch Green Arch

Thousands of years ago, this creek was home to bison, deer, and antelope, as well as animals that are now extinct.

San Antonio park

#13 Historical Text and Poetry

Etched into limestone at various spots across the park, Santos’s lyrical prose tells the story of San Pedro Creek and its beauty.

San Antonio park

#14 A Living Heritage: City Streets and the Legacy of Early Settlers

The city may look vastly different than the days of the native people or during the Battle of the Alamo, but herencia, or heritage, is alive here.

San Antonio park

#15 Aqua

The curvilinear line quality of this mural by San Antonio artist Alex Rubio reflects the ever-flowing waters of San Pedro Creek.

San Antonio park

#16 The Barrio del Norte

The town was separated into barrios that would shape and imprint the city’s future.

San Antonio park

#17 Memories of Alameda Theater

An escape from the stress and hardships of the everyday, the Alameda Theater provided entertainment in a space specifically designed for the Latino community with Spanish films and performing arts.

San Antonio park

#18 The Healing Arts West of the Creek

When a cholera epidemic killed hundreds of residents in 1849, the Bexar County Medical Society was founded.

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