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Adam Frank

Medium: Interactive sculpture at the park
Dimensions: 250′ waterfall
Locations: Between Houston and Commerce

About the Artist: Adam Frank is an artist, inventor and product designer. His body of work represents an ongoing investigation of light, interactivity and our perception of nature. Adam’s work uses new techniques to add natural lighting effects to the modern built environment.

Website: www.adamfrank.com

STREAM merges the music of San Antonio with the flow of San Pedro Creek. When a sound is made into the microphone sculpture, it becomes visualized as animated light along a 250’ waterfall in real time. While the sculpture is dormant, the lights are activated by the broadcast signal from Texas Public Radio.

The bronze microphone sculpture is made to look like a 1950s era microphone, similar to ones you might have seen at the Alameda Theater.  Inside the sculpture is a live microphone that is connected to a custom hardware and software system, designed by the artist, which translates the sound into a colorful light display.

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