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Temporary Art

San Pedro Creek Culture Park periodically features temporary art installations by local and national artists. Temporary art may be seasonal, align with culturally significant holidays or just serve as a fresh site along the creek. View all of our temporary installations in the gallery below.

Rise - Travis Street Mural

by Tyson Davis, The Art of Four

Within a serene African sunset, a Black family emerges from the tranquil waters, symbolizing the painful divide between American Black People and Natural Born African People during the Middle Passage, while promoting unity, understanding, and the value of embracing cultural differences.

St. James Joy - Houston Street Mural

by Jocelyn Van Taylor, The Art of Four

Through various colors and shapes representing a blend of strength and community, this design honors the uncovered foundations of the 145-year-old St. James AME Church, celebrating the congregation’s ability to create new paths outside of slavery and forge a future with intentional and unconditional love for all.


by Justice David Gutierrez and Alberto Vasquez, 2021*

In December 2021, visitors to San Pedro Creek Culture Park discovered a variety of vibrant, whimsical sculptures designed by San Antonio-based artist Justice David Gutierrez as a part of the annual event, Illume: Making Spirits Bright. The temporary installation, made of hundreds of acrylic spheres, was located beneath the street bridges and in the creek channel between Santa Rosa and Travis Streets. During the daytime these sculptures lay “dormant” while visually standing out against the natural environment. During the nighttime the sculptures “wake up” and illuminate with color changing LED lights and a corresponding multicultural musical score, created by San Antonio-based musician Alberto Vasquez.

Security Blanket

by Jennifer Khoshbin and Nanako Kishi, 2021*

This large-scale, hand-made blanket was created as a gathering spot for the community to sit, picnic, and celebrate our collective sense of community and solidarity. It was featured during the River Symposium in September 2021 and at Escondido Creek Parkway in October 2021.

Teletextile: Artemisia

by Pamela Martinez, 2020*

Composer, harpist, reiki master, educator, and multi-instrumentalist, Martinez presents the second part of Teletextile: Artemisia – a series of immersive performances inspired by the healing power of nature, the big open sky of Texas, and the iconic San Antonio waterways. Central to the work is a sonic sculpture – an Aeolian harp that produces ethereal harmonic frequencies when high winds blow across its strings. This artwork was part of the Luminaria Contemporary Arts Festival in October 2020.

Luminous Creek Urchins

by Ansen Seale, 2019

Using the parts from his 2018 installation, Seale created a whole new concept to activate the creek channel.  Seale describes the installation, which was located at the Salinas Boardwalk, as “a community of artificial creatures inhabiting the creek, that play and communicate with one another with the sole purpose of bringing joy to humans during the holidays. Their artificial bioluminescence begins just after sundown and they continue to frolic all night long.”  The artwork was installed as a part of the annual event, Illume: Making Spirits Bright in December 2019.


by Ansen Seale, 2018

Approximately 50 solar powered LED light strings float in line with the flow of the creek and create a cascade of light patterns that are synchronized by radio transmission from a master controller hidden in the landscape.  The artwork was installed as a part of the annual event, Illume: Making Spirits Bright in December 2018.

Residents of Yore

by Kat Cadena, Malia Gomez and Mary Jendrzey, 2018

Whimsical figurative sculptures made of wire mesh and paper mâché lit up the landscape as a part of the annual event, Illume: Making Spirits Bright in December 2018.

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