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De Todos Caminos Somos Todos Uno

(From All Roads, We Are All One)

Adriana M. Garcia

Medium: Digital image transfer on ceramic tile
Dimensions: 11’H x 117’W
Locations: Between Santa Rosa Avenue and Martin Street

About the Artist: Born and raised on the West Side of San Antonio, Garcia is a graduate of Carnegie Mellon School of Art (Bachelors of Fine Art). She frequently works with community youth and has completed murals with the South West Workers Union, Bihl Haus Arts, and San Anto Cultural Arts Center. She has been a workshop leader and teacher at Sanford-Brown University, Say Si, Trinity University, Artpace, and Museo Alameda, among others. In addition, Garcia has been a speaker at the National Association for Chicana and Chicano Studios (2013) in San Antonio.

Website: https://adrianamjgarcia.com

Americans for the Arts 2019 Public Art Network (PAN) Year in Review Award

Featuring representations of generations and neighborhoods throughout San Antonio, this mural tells the story of how San Pedro Springs brought forth life, growth, and diversity to our community. The left (the West) and the right (the East) sides of the mural come together, literally and figuratively, at its center. On the outer edges, the jaguar and the anhinga represent the origin story of the springs while the mother and father represent the passing down of cultural heritage through storytelling.

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