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Explorer’s Guide

Now, what is that?

An explorer’s guide to the flora and fauna of San Pedro Creek Culture Park

Depending on the season or the time of day, you could spot any or all of these plant and animal species as you make your way along the banks of the creek. Unless indicated otherwise, these species are native to San Antonio and South Texas, and their ancestors have called San Pedro Creek home for hundreds—even thousands—of years. Because of that, you could easily have the same kind of introduction to many of the creek’s natural treasures that the indigenous people and the Spanish explorers did.

The past is still present in many ways here. So stop often. Look around closely. And enjoy fully.

We ask all visitors to respect this special place and refrain from touching, chasing, teasing, and/or feeding the flora and fauna. Please have good manners and dispose of trash properly.

Some photos pending while the native species continue to make San Pedro Creek Culture Park their home.

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