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Five Panel Mural

La Gloriosa Historia de San Pedro Creek On My Mind: A Story in Five Episodes

Kathy & Lionel Sosa

Medium: Digital image transfer on ceramic tile
Dimensions: 2000 sq ft
Locations: Between Commerce and Dolorosa St.

About the Artist: Kathy and Lionel Sosa are San Antonio based artists with experience in various media including large scale public art projects.  Their art is well known for its color, cultural context and for communicating a sense of place and people that is unique to this incredibly vibrant community and the broader Texas-Mexico borderland region.

Website: https://www.lionelsosaportraits.com/ |  https://kathysosa.com/

The intended effect of the art is enchantment, followed quickly by curiosity and (if we are lucky) further investigation. Iconography is plentiful in each panel, so that viewers may discover new things each time they are encountered. For this project they are supported by a team of cultural consultants, historians, and researchers who are working to ensure the artwork provides an authentic and meaningful experience. Team members include Ellen Rioja Clark, PhD, Jennifer Speed, PhD, John Phillip Santos, Carey Latimore, PhD, and Melinda and Sergio Iruegas

See the Five Panel Mural Come to Life!

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