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San Antonio Flowers

Leticia Huerta

Medium:Porcelain glazed tiles fill lining of concrete benches.
Dimensions: Tiles: 8″ x 8″ | Benches: 20′-6″L x 2″W
Locations: Various Locations around San Pedro Creek Culture Park

About the Artist: Leticia Huerta Studio specializes in public art.  Leticia Huerta has extensive experience creating meaningful projects for spaces and their communities.  Huerta has experience working on transit projects, bridges, streetscapes, parks and public buildings such as hospitals and universities.  The work is inspired by the people that inhabit these spaces as well as their history and future. She utilizes materials appropriate for each project and utilizes various materials such as tile, glass, metal, concrete, terrazzo and paint.

Website: https://www.leticiahuerta.com/

The inspiration for the tile designs at San Pedro Creek Culture Park comes from the native wildflowers of San Antonio and Texas that attract and nourish butterflies, bees and other insects of this area.

The artist based the four designs on various flowers, the Esperanza, Texas Thistle, Prairie Celestial and Firewheel. These flowers were chosen for their importance to the native wildlife and also for their beauty and color. Each design originates from a painting, a portrait of each flower and a butterfly that visits it.

Bench with colorful tiles with native flora and fauna painted on them.
Colorful tiles with native flora and fauna painted on them.
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