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Creek Lines

Bridge Projects

Medium: Stainless steel and aluminum sculpture
Dimensions: 24′ wide X 26′ long X 22′ height
Locations: Plaza de Fundación

About the Artist: Bridge Projects is an interdisciplinary art firm, providing services in design, management, fabrication, and documentation. We specialize in bridging the gap between idea and execution, managing complex projects with many partners and stakeholders.

Principles Stuart Allen and Cade Bradshaw have completed public art installations in playgrounds, along trails, in corporate lobbies, government buildings, underneath bridges, on the beach, in parks, and once, in a leaky, dark, derelict industrial shell of a former newspaper press room. Stuart’s 20+ years of public art experience, and Cade’s insatiable thirst for challenging problems makes Bridge a uniquely qualified team.

Website: https://bridgesatx.com/ 

Creek Lines, sited in San Pedro Creek Culture Park’s Plaza de Fundación, celebrates the path of the Creek. The line carved by these waters – from the headwaters at San Pedro Springs to the confluence with the San Antonio River – is represented by a cut in the sculpture canopy and on the ground in stainless steel. The 30 curved poles supporting the canopy represent the same line, cut into five separate segments. Each pole represents one decade of Bexar County and San Antonio’s 300-year modern history. At the base of each pole, a plaque describes a single historical event from the sequential decades. The faceted mirror finish on the underside of the canopy reflects the surrounding environment and activity beneath, creating a playful and contemplative sequence of color, imagery and motion.

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