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San Pedro Creek Culture Park Plaza The past flows to the future in one sacred site teeming with inspired art, splendid paseos, iconic pavilions, places of respite, and cultural reflections.

A living and breathing park

San Pedro Creek Culture Park In addition to safely conveying flood waters, low impact design elements are improving water quality and the natural habitat. With new prosperity, the creek is now a catalyst for economic development.

Safety for our city

San Antonio park At the site of the birthplace of our community, we honor culture, art, and nature as a tribute to our ancestors and look to the future of our vibrant community. Experience the evolution of San Antonio in the place where it all began.

A monument to the transformation of San Antonio

The San Pedro Creek has attracted people to its banks for 12,000 years. These banks have witnessed an exciting history of bold exploration and monumental mission, resulting in the vibrant, diverse culture of our beloved community.

Created with the story of the San Pedro Creek in mind, the Culture Park features the works of prominent San Antonio artists. Murals, ceramic art, tiled benches and historical text and poetry depict the colors of our vibrant history.

The San Pedro Creek has been brought back to life. Transformed from a drainage ditch to a restored ecosystem, it transports visitors back to a creek when natural flora and fauna reigned supreme. Safekeeping our future, the new improvements also extend protection from flooding and enhance water quality.

Welcome to San Pedro Creek Culture Park

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Public Notice

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) is soliciting comments from all parties having an interest in the undertaking’s effect on historic property 41BX2359 located on San Antonio River Authority managed project, the San Pedro Creek Culture Park. A previous public notice and request for comment regarding this effort was published on January 21, 2021. Due to technical error, comments submitted directly to the email address [email protected] between January 21 – March 8 were not received and should be resubmitted. Comments submitted through the project website or regular mail have been received and do not need to be resubmitted.

 All comments should reference the Section 408 Request ID#SWF-2015-00281 and project name Archaeological Site 41BX2359 at San Pedro Creek Culture Park. Please resubmit any previously emailed comments to [email protected] between May 14, 2021 – June 14, 2021. For additional information, please contact :  Ms. Leslie Crippen, P.O. Box 17300, Fort Worth, TX  76102-0300, or [email protected]

Upcoming Events

As a park managed by the San Antonio River Authority, the San Pedro Creek Culture Park will follow local and state government recommendations and guidance regarding events and community meetings. San Pedro Creek Culture Park has canceled all in-person events through December 2020. Please continue to check back for updates and new information. The San Antonio River Authority’s parks are still open and provide a wonderful outdoor space for individuals and families to visit while practicing social distancing.

San Pedro Creek Culture Park

Mobile App

Experience the park with a customized audio tour straight from our mobile app. Choose what you’re interested in—culture, art, nature, or all—and follow the map to visit the landmarks of your choosing. Learn about the San Pedro Creek Culture Park and its history and significance as you stroll along the creek bank at your own pace.

Audio-Guía en Español

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