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Combining purpose with beauty.

There is a new chapter and vision for this courageous and persevering little creek of ours and it’s a historic collaboration that gave Bexar County, the San Antonio River Authority, and the City of San Antonio a common vision and goal.

Together, these partners are restoring San Pedro Creek’s natural environment and creating a world-class linear park—with a purpose that goes well beyond just being beautiful and enjoyable. It combines public art, architectural design, local craft, and historic preservation with engineering, ecosystem restoration, and native landscaping.

It focuses on the creek’s natural beauty, the rich and colorful story of its own history, the cultural identity and traditions of the community around it, while ensuring protection for a growing urban downtown. 

The San Pedro Creek Culture Park will encompass a total of four phases, with three segments in Phase 1. With Segment 1 complete, the second segment is currently under construction.

Phase 1, Segment 1 Features

Culture & Connectivity Features

  • 3,905 linear feet of paseos (walkways) – all ADA accessible
  • 11 interpretive signs telling the history of the San Pedro Creek
  • 1,800 linear feet of historic wall preserved
  • 2 new street connectors at Travis and Houston Street to help connect people to and from street level to creek level
  • 38 benches to provide several places of respite for people along the creek
  • 1 boardwalk overlook to relax and enjoy art and view
  • Plaza de Fundación provides space for community performances and special events

Art Features

  • 1 art installation (metal screening) around flood bypass tunnel inlet – depicting the night sky in 1718
  • 4 tile murals that tell the story of how San Pedro Creek brought forth life, growth and diversity in our community
  • 5 locations of historical text and poetry by John Phillip Santos etched in the limestone walls along the creek
  • 16 colorful tile designs by Michael Menchaca commemorating the people, culture and history of our community that can be seen throughout the creek on benches and artistic design accents
  • 3 restored bridges with ceramic artwork by Diana Kersey depicting the stories behind the street names

Nature Features

  • 5,824 native aquatic plants
  • 133 shade trees
  • 47 ornamental trees
  • 849 shrubs
  • 291 vines
  • 2,426 perennials
  • More than 40,000 square feet of grasses
  • More than 18,000 square feet of ground cover
  • More than 12,000 square feet of aquatic planting

Water Quality Features

  • 1 channel gate and gatehouse
  • 60,000 linear feet of new walls
  • 5 bioswales that help filter water to improve water quality
  • 6 trash collector systems at inlets to separate and trap trash, debris, sediment and hydrocarbons from storm water runoff
  • 1 waterfall and acequia, located between Houston Street and Travis Street on the west bank, to help oxygenate the water and help keep water flowing along the creek


Project Manager

The San Antonio River Authority is the project manager for the project.

Project Funder

Bexar County is the primary funder of the San Pedro Creek Improvements Project.

Project Partner

City of San Antonio

Pape-Dawson Engineers
Lead Civil Engineer
Prime and Lead Structural and Hydrologic Engineer
Lead Architect
Consulting Landscape Architect

Consultant Team

Sundt/Davila Joint Venture



The key design goals of the San Pedro Creek Improvements project include:


Flood Mitigation

By deepening and widening the existing channel and replacing the eight street bridges, the project will contain 100-year floodplain within the San Pedro Creek banks.


Economic Development

The project will catalyze a $1.5 billion economic impact by creating 2,100 new housing units, 1,428 new downtown employees, 7,300 new downtown residents, 150% increase in new property value and $225 million in ad valorem tax revenue.


Water Quality

Through the use of low-impact development features including bioswales, aquatic plantings and the removal of floatables, the project will advance the water quality and ensure the sustainability of our biotic habitats.


Cultural Linkages

The Project will celebrate and express the culture, history and natural qualities of Bexar County through a series of temporary and permanent artworks, artistic treatments, interpretative signage, performances and interactive exhibits.