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The purpose of the park: Safety for our city and our water

San Pedro Creek Culture Park Flowers

The San Pedro Creek Culture Park is Flowing with Purpose. While the park is a beautiful escape for locals and visitors alike to take in the beauty of our city, it also provides a vital service to our city: flood control and water quality improvements.

As floods continue to ravage our state, the improvements made during the construction of the park were designed with safety in mind. These measures were a major priority of the project and will benefit the city for generations to come.

Bioswales A bioswale is a specially landscaped stormwater feature that soaks up and filters stormwater runoff from hard surfaces such as roofs, pavement, and parking lots. A bioswale is constructed with quick-draining soil and drainage layers to filter and clean stormwater and make it healthy and usable for the creek’s flora and fauna. All five of the bioswales along San Pedro Creek receive stormwater runoff from city streets, pavement, and parking lots. The native plants provide water quality and wildlife benefits.

Storm Water Interceptors These specialized mechanical devices are installed at some of the storm water inlets to capture floating trash and debris before it gets into the creek.

Aquatic Plantings Purposefully chosen plants are planted throughout the water banks to shade water surface, help to filter the creek’s water, serve as a habitat for aquatic organisms, and overall improve the water quality.

The San Pedro Creek Culture Park is beautiful, but it’s so much more than that. Flowing with Purpose, the park is working to keep our water—and our people—safe from flooding and pollution.

  • More than 40,000 square feet of grasses
  • More than 18,000 square feet of ground cover
  • 133 shade trees
  • 47 ornamental trees
  • 849 shrubs
  • 291 vines
  • 2,426 perennials
  • 3 rebuilt and restored bridges with tile inserts on railings and artwork by Diana Kersey
  • 1 channel gate and gatehouse
  • 60,000 linear feet of new walls
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