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To accommodate the project’s underground utility work that is currently taking place, please be aware of possible lane closures and road detours if traveling downtown near the construction area. For the latest construction and traffic information, please sign up for construction email updates below or download the San Pedro Creek app on Google Play or on iTunes.

Current Closures

  • There are currently no road closures.

For VIA bust stop closures and route information, please call the VIA Route Information Hotline at 210-362-2020.

Construction Notes – September 2023

Phase 1.2 and 1.3 from Houston Street to Cesar Chavez are now open to the public!

Phase 2

Construction is wrapping up in the coming weeks with the completion of the artist tiles at the benches and Mustard Seed Plaza. The engraving of the artist poems into the limestone block retaining walls is also wrapping up. Signage at the map pylons and the interpretive panels talking about features or history along portions the park is also being completed this month.

The construction fences will be coming down from Guadalupe to S Alamo streets at the end of September. Keep your eyes out for an announcement of activities planned for this opening the second week of October.

Phase 3

The MSE walls and paseo concrete have been completed from S Alamo Street all the way down to the SPCCP connection to the Apache Creek Greenway Trail with the exception of two small sections at the upcoming UPRR Bridge replacement and the haul road connection to Cevallos. The light pole foundations are complete, and conduit is being completed to each. With the completion of the CPS service drop and meter set this month at Cevallos the electrical wiring we start being pulled and the light poles being installed from UPRR Bridge south to the Apache Creek connection. The new shade structure steel at Cevallos is being installed now and the wood finishes will be installed closer to the opening of this section, so they are not damaged by construction or vandalism.

The natural aquatic features spaced along the SPC channel from Cevallos south to the end of SPC at I-35 will be cleaned up with the completion of the storm drain riprap placement along the east channel. The installation of trees and topsoil along this east channel have already begun as well and the native hydroseeding of the slopes will be applied in the coming month. The installation of the boulders for the rock vanes and cobble for the riffle portions will be starting north of Cevallos in conjunction with the construction of the drill rip and crane pads for the UPRR Bridge Replacement. North of UPRR bridge the natural aquatic features are 75% complete and the last will not be completed until after the bridge is replaced. The trees, topsoil and native seeding are also complete from Alamo to the construction work area ta the UPRR Bridge.

At the Cevallos Bridge the sidewalk and bridge railing are completed on all but the northwest corner where the construction haul road enters Cevallos. The traffic control on Cevallos will be pushed back next week and replaced with temporary striping to allow better traffic flow until the haul road comes out and the sidewalks and new paving are finished next spring with the completion of the UPRR Bridge Replacement. The project team will coordinate with the KIPP Academy on their spring break schedule in hopes of completing the mill and overlay the asphalt and restripe of Cevallos from Stark to Laredo Streets during that time.

The coordination and planning with Union Pacific for the Railroad bridge replacement between Cevallos and Alamo is wrapping up now with a planned start of the drilled shafts in mid to late October. The demo of this old wooden trestle bridge and replacement with a precast concrete bridge is in early 2024. Once the bridge is complete the remaining trails and finish work under the bridge will take 3 months to wrap up and allow Phase 3 to open to the public.

It is anticipated that this phase will be completed and open to the public in the Summer of 2024.

Phase 4.1

The concrete, landscape and fencing are complete in this short phase from El Paso to Guadalupe. The new asphalt parking lot has been placed and striped. With the return of actual rainfall after a hot dry summer the bioswale feature treating the water coming off of the parking lot has been put to the test and performed well.
The directional signage routing SPCCP users from the end of Phase 1.3 at Cesar Chavez out to Flores and down to El Paso to re-enter the continuation of the park were installed this month and will help make the connection between portions of the park already open to the upcoming opening of Phase 2 and 4.1.

The steel and aluminum handrails are being installed this month and will be completing by the 3rd week of September. The eight artist designed stainless steel panels will be showing up at the completion of the rails and will be welded to the foundations already in place along the paseo.

CPS should have the electrical service and meter set by the 3rd week of September as well allowing the light poles to be illuminated and to provide safe access for the public in October.

With all of this wrapping up and the punchlist completion already underway the construction fences will be coming down from El Paso to Guadalupe streets at the end of September as well. This will allow use of the two newest phases open to the public from El Paso Street all the way to South Alamo.

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