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To accommodate the project’s underground utility work that is currently taking place, please be aware of possible lane closures and road detours if traveling downtown near the construction area. For the latest construction and traffic information, please sign up for construction email updates below or download the San Pedro Creek app on Google Play or on iTunes.

San Antonio park

Phases 2, 3 and 4.1

Current Closures

  • Full Closures – Guadalupe Street and Camp Street
  • Construction Lane Restrictions – Alamo Street and Cevallos Street

For VIA bust stop closures and route information, please call the VIA Route Information Hotline at 210-362-2020.

Construction Notes – January 2023

Phase 1.2 and 1.3 from Houston Street to Cesar Chavez are now open to the public!

Phase 2
The SDJV and subcontractor crews have completed the bridge concrete placements, street utilities and aggregate base for Guadalupe and Camp streets. Street curbs, sidewalks and the asphalt paving will be starting on these streets in February and completing in March.

Landscape installation between Guadalupe and Camp is underway with the installation of all trees.

The paseo concrete placements, electrical conduit and light pole bases between Guadalupe and Camp are 75% complete. With the concrete plaza and paseos finishing in the new park between these two streets the last section of paseo on the west side of the channel up to Camp is underway.

The new Alamo Gatehouse and Restrooms are nearly complete with the metal screen roof being installed through January and permanent CPS power anticipated by month end. With permanent power the Alamo Crest Gate, the largest flood control gate for the SPC project, will be commissioned and operational in February 2023. Landscaping around these buildings will begin install in February as well.

The precast retaining wall panels matching the Ruby City exterior walls are complete and the red integral-colored concrete matching the Ruby City plaza are underway.

All utilities in Alamo Street have been completed and the final asphalt paving and striping will be finishing in January. Alamo’s 4 traffic lanes will be opened permanently by the end of January 2023.

Phase 3

The limestone retaining walls from Cevallos south to the end of SPC at I-35 are complete.

The natural aquatic features spaced along the SPC channel from Cevallos south to the end of SPC at I-35 are 60%complete. The installation of the boulders for the rock vanes and cobble for the riffle portions are continuing north with 7 remaining to Cevallos.

The paseo concrete placements and light pole bases between Cevallos and I-35 are complete up to the Cevallos Bridge. Landscape irrigation piping and electrical conduit and will continue along these completed sections for the next month.

The Cevallos Bridge sidewalk and deck edge concrete placements have completed on the north side. On January 7th the pedestrian and vehicle traffic was shifted to the north side to allow the south sidewalk and railing to be removed and replacement to begin.

The new curbs and sidewalks east and west of the bridge along Cevallos will start by in early February allowing the final surface paving to take place on Cevallos this spring.

The property agreements are wrapping up for the west side of the channel north of Cevallos to the UPRR Bridge. Once completed the grading will portion of this phase and our limestone retaining wall subcontractor crews will begin the walls at Cevallos and continuing north toward the UP Railroad trestle.

Design approvals and procurement for the UP Railroad bridge replacement between Cevallos and Alamo are still underway. Drilled Shafts and concrete columns for this new bridge will start this spring and continue into the summer. The demo of this old wooden trestle bridge and replacement with a precast concrete bridge is anticipated in the fall of 2023.

The limestone retaining wall between Alamo and UPRR is underway and will be completing in early February. The paseos will follow in March up to the work area for the UPRR bridge work area.

Phase 4.1
The northern portion of this phase has been fenced and demo completed on the existing parking lot.

The utility crossings and sidewalk replacements along El Paso Street are being coordinated with an ongoing CPS Project working on El Paso Street. Once their UG work completes these crossings, the new entry apron into the parking lot and sidewalk replacements will be performed while maintaining pedestrian and local traffic access between Flores and Santa Rosa.

The property agreements are still in process for the southern portion of this phase. Once completed demo and grading between the El Paso Parking Lot and Guadalupe will proceed.

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