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Katie Pell

Medium: Digital image transfer on ceramic tile
Dimensions: (A) 1’-6”—5’ x 50’ (B) 2’-6”—7’x 67’-11”
Locations: Between Martin Street and Travis Street

About the Artist: Pell holds a Bachelor of Fine Art from the Rhode Island School of Design, and is currently a professor at University of Texas at San Antonio. Through exuberant drawings, performance projects, and comic books, Pell celebrates vernacular traditions. Her work presents a world without taboos or boundaries—one where anything is possible for those who go beyond given conditions. Her work irreverently explores personal, gender, and cultural identity, as well as the potential for greatness in everyone.

Website: http://katiepellart.com/index.html

These murals pay homage to the flora and fauna that once flourished along San Pedro Creek. Thousands of years ago, this creek was home to bison, deer, and antelope, as well as animals that are now extinct, like mastodons and dire wolves. Wild plants provided fruits, nuts, roots, and berries to the native people. When the first Spanish explorers arrived and beheld San Pedro Creek centuries ago, they were struck by its abundance of natural resources and beauty. The creek was considered lush, abundant, and ripe with potential.