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Creek Views with Kerry & Carrie: Purpose

San Antonio Park

Creek Views with Kerry & Carrie

Kerry Averyt is the Senior Engineer. Carrie Brown is the Public Art Curator. Together along with their teams, they are responsible for the practical beauty of the San Pedro Creek Culture Park. With vastly different viewpoints and backgrounds, but a shared passion for this historic creek, Kerry and Carrie provide their Creek Views on topics that are vital to the San Pedro Creek Culture Park.

Episode 1: Purpose

In the first episode of Creek Views, we asked Kerry and Carrie what, in their opinion, the purpose of the San Pedro Creek Culture Park is. Flowing with beauty, the culture park has both practical and safety features, as well as beautification and recreation purposes.

To create a world-class linear park, Kerry and Carrie have to work together constantly, always considering the other’s point of view and goals for the project. The result is a beautiful park that improves water quality and flood control at the same time.

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