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Diana Kersey

Medium: Glazed ceramic
Dimensions: Various
Locations: Street level at Santa Rosa Avenue, Martin Street, and Travis Street bridges

About the Artist: Kersey holds a Master of Fine Art in ceramics from Washington State University and works in clay to create studio pottery, architectural ceramics, and public art installations. Her work has a textural quality evident in the pieces she has produced for San Pedro Creek Culture Park. This is Kersey’s fifth public art project in San Antonio.

Website: http://www.dianakersey.com

Kersey’s imagery reflects the historical nature of street names.

This work is named in honor of the Santa Rosa Infirmary, founded by the Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Word. Santa Rosa refers to Saint Rose of Lima, who was canonized in 1668. The area of Santa Rosa Avenue defined the western edge of San Antonio; it was a route along the Chisholm Trail that bypassed the town and led to watering places along San Pedro Creek.

Travis Street was named for William Barret Travis, commander of the Texas army at the Alamo. However, the original name of the street was Obraje Street. “Obraje” referred to the workshops and factories of New Spain, whose dominion was almost exclusively textiles. Textile preparation requires a constant source of water for processing wool and/or linens. The proximity of the creek to Obraje Street would support a small workshop of textile creation.

Although the origin of the name has not been clarified, Martin Street might have been named in honor of Captain Andrew Martin, who was a combatant in the Alamo. He is also notable in that he was the courier of the famous letter written by Travis to the presidio in Gonzalez, Texas, seeking reinforcements against Santa Anna. Martin Street, however, was originally named North Third, and it has also been known as Hidalgo Street and Lakeview Street.

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