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Experience the San Pedro Creek Culture Park in your own way. Are you a history buff? Art lover? Nature enthusiast? Or all of the above? When you visit the park, you can listen to an audio tour on our mobile app and choose exactly which types of stops you want to learn more about.

The San Pedro Creek has a long and storied history since the day it became the birthplace of our community. Hear the epic saga from the indigenous peoples and Spanish settlers to floods and war with our Culture stops.

The art pieces from prominent San Antonio artists displayed around the San Pedro Creek Culture Park are a draw for art fans of all kinds. To learn more about the commissioned art pieces and the artists’ inspirations, select the Art stops on the audio tour.

From devastating floods to now-extinct wildlife, the San Pedro Creek has seen its ups and downs. Learn how nature has had a hand in the creek’s past, present, and future with the Nature stops during your audio tour.