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How did a humble creek at the edge of Nueva España become a crossroads of many nations?

THE EPIC STORY OF SAN ANTONIO DE BÉXAR begins with these waters. They were a source of sustenance and refreshment for the first peoples here, many thousands of years before Europeans arrived. History records the stories of the first encounters between the Indian and Spanish worlds that took place near here, beginning in the 1690s and culminating in May of 1718 with a settlement that would become San Antonio and Bexar County. From that moment, a great American city would eventually emerge. For its three hundred years, this place has always been a crossroads of cultures, a meeting place for peoples of the world.

The San Pedro Creek Culture Park commemorates the human saga of San Antonio, a community founded in the era of Nueva España and later adopted into the American republic. It is a tale that begins in a natural setting, evolves into a mission town at the edge of a burgeoning empire, and becomes a cosmic American city that anticipates much of what America is becoming: a place of all nations, a refuge of hope and promise in an uncertain world. The story you will follow along the creek tells the tale of how this place became San Antonio, la ciudad cosmica.


Painting: Theodore Gentilz; Courtesy: San Antonio Museum of Art.